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Frequently Asked Questions

To guide you before you want to consult with us.


What expertise do you have?

We have expertise in a few intersectional domains such as healthcare, web3, security, and finance where we apply technology to solve problems. We write code for many layers in Rust, C++, Solidity, Python and Javascript. We build models in Tensorflow and Pytorch. We have done some deep work in Web Assembly and IP security.


What services do you offer?

You can consult with us for fractional CTO, Architecture, Design, and Development. Since we are on the expensive side, we help you get going and let your team take over. We can also help you on strategy, go to market, and business model development in specific areas such as healthcare tech and Web3.


What do you charge?

Once we receive your business inquiry, we will schedule a free 15 mins call. If we both find a match in that call we will schedule a follow up paid consulting call which is $500 USD an hour. Usualy we scope a statement of work and price it in approximate hours between $200-$300 an hour USD.


How do I pay?

We will send you an invoice with option to pay via credit card or ACH. Usually we take 50% of the fee upfront, and 50% upon milestone completion.